Who are we?

We recently asked our engineers this question and received varied answers from them...


“Not your average engineering office but an office full of experienced engineers”

 “Installers with an engineering brain”

“Engineers with many plusses”

 “Knowledge Centre for Energy & Electricity”

“Engineers with feet on the ground and hands in the oil”



... in short, a solid team with a broad base and in-depth specialisation


At Vanparijs Engineers, we have the right people to guarantee a high level of quality and the necessary depth of service, in every single area. The Vanparijs Engineers team consists of motivated and experienced employees, experts who are well-versed in different disciplines so that they can successfully implement your project from A to Z and maintain your system in optimal condition.



Our mission, vision & values

Our world runs on energy. Without energy, everything would come to a standstill. Our economy, our society - in short, our daily lives - are all completely dependent on a constant and uninterrupted supply of energy produced, whether by you or by someone else, in an economically and ecologically responsible manner. Our mission is to guarantee high-quality, reliable, sustainable and accessible energy solutions.

For more than 20 years, companies have been relying on us for specialised advice and customised professional solutions in the areas of uninterruptible power supply and decentralised energy production. We design, build, maintain and invest in dynamic UPS systems and combined heat and power (CHP) installations, completely made-to-measure and tailored to your needs. We also guarantee the proper functioning and performance of your systems. 


Our vision and approach are unique in the market: we deliver state-of-the-art solutions developed with a passion for power & energy and executed with a rational no-nonsense approach in a lasting relationship with our clients. We are able to deliver on our promise thanks to more than 20 years of experience in our field, reliable business partners and a strong and dynamic team of engineers who like to exercise their 'little grey cells' for creating a stable partnership with our clients. 

Our motto: we transform technically complex projects into a unique bespoke product for our clients… THE ART OF POWER!



Our strength

Our strength lies not just in WHAT we do, but in the WAY we do it. 

What sets us apart from others is our unique combination of in-depth technical knowledge in the areas of electricity, electromechanics and energy and our various levels of expertise that complement one another:


  • Academic knowledge of our engineers
  • Pragmatic approach necessary for the construction of installations
  • Hands-on expertise based on 20 year of maintaining UPS and CHP systems
  • Economic/financial basis for investing in these installations


All this knowledge and a wide range of services under one roof, one team. We like to call it our "5 star service" (also see our Services):




Turnkey contracting

Service Level Agreements

Energy as a Service




Vanparijs Engineers has been part of the EDF Luminus Group since June 2016. This partnership enables us to rely on a solid group that shares our vision, strong ambition and high standards of service quality and energy solutions.

Together with its subsidiaries, the EDF Luminus Group aims to become the first energy partner, offering our customers progress and comfort thanks to our 5-star service, our innovative and sustainable solutions, the worldwide expertise of EDF and our strong local presence. 

To contribute to the fight against climate change, we help our customers (private individuals, businesses and communities) to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce their energy consumption. With this in mind, we are developing innovative energy efficiency solutions.

First challenger on the Belgian energy market, the EDF Luminus Group is also a major renewable electricity producer. It is market leader in onshore wind power and hydropower generation, and plays a key role in the security of energy supply in Belgium, operating numerous gas-fired power plants. With an installed capacity of 2,008 MW at the end of 2016, EDF Luminus represents about 10% of the total installed capacity in Belgium. Under the brand Luminus, the company sells electricity, natural gas and energy services of the highest quality to 2 million private and business customers, which represents a commercial market share of around 20%.  


Further information is available at www.edfluminus.be




Vanparijs Engineers is a Flemish SME with an international reputation:

  • Active in Belgium and neughbouring countries from its Head Office in Hoegaarden
  • Sales office in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • Mobile UPS systems available for rent throughout Europe
  • International maintenance organisation
  • Collaboration with local partners




  • Member of Agoria, the largest sectoral employers federation in Belgium
  • Member of Cogen Vlaanderen, the promotional organisation for CHP in Flanders
  • Member of Beltug, the largest Belgian association of digital technology leaders
  • Member of Leuven MindGate
  • Endorser Code of Conduct on Datacenter Energy Efficiency,
  • Energy expert for the AMURE energy audit
  • Energy expert for the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA)
  • Certified contractor in category P1 – P2 – D17, class 5