22/02/18 - Unique double order at MSD Heist-op-den-Berg

At the end of last year, Vanparijs Engineers (Hoegaarden) received a unique double order.  MSD, the global innovative healthcare company with an important site in Heist-op-den-Berg, will integrate both a UPS installation and a CHP plant in collaboration with the engineering and contracting office in the coming months.

06/06/17 - How UZA saves 30% on its energy bill

The UZ Antwerp saves 30% on its yearly energy bill thanks to an efficient CHP installation of 1560 kW and the optimization of the sanitary hot water production.

Watch the film.

24/05/17 - Canal Z-Energy – Energy optimisation at UZA

Hospitals have a great need for energy, both for their installations, heating and hot water. In recent years, many hospitals have invested in more sustainable techniques. That is also the case in the UZA in Antwerp. On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 our project manager Steven Davidson and CEO Sébastien Farinotti explain in Z-Energy on Canal Z, how the collaboration with Dirk De Man, head of the technical service of the UZA, resulted in a successful cogeneration project with optimization of the sanitary hot water production and significant energy savings.

21/02/17 - Nice timelapse of an innovative CHP project at Gyproc

The collaboration between Vanparijs Engineers and Gyproc for the integration of a CHP unit at the Gyproc production site in the port of Antwerp (Kallo) resulted in an innovative solution for a 2 MWe gas engine cogeneration where all the energy flows, including the exhaust gasses of the CHP engine, were completely integrated into the Gyproc production process.

08/11/16 - NEW - White Paper Mobile UPS Systems - Technology Comparison & Applications

Earlier this month Tom Loix, Knowledge Manager at Vanparijs Engineers, issued a new white paper which focuses on mobile UPS systems, installed in a container or enclosure that is easily movable, allowing deployment on a site in need of (temporary) UPS protection. This demand has some repercussions on the system design and feasibility.

19/08/16 - First multisite energy efficiency agreement in Belgium for Anderlechtse Haard

EDF Luminus and its subsidiaries Vanparijs Engineers, ATS en Dauvister joins their forces to improve the energy efficiency of Anderlechtse Haard’s social housing. It is the first energy efficiency agreement of this size in Belgium.