A solution for all critical applications

The rapid evolution of electronics and automation are making companies more productive, but also much more dependent on well-functioning electrical facilities. Critical and high-tech infrastructure in data centres, banks, hospitals, in the pharmaceutical sector, etc. must be protected in a foolproof manner against all possible power failures, including the slightest voltage dips.

Vanparijs Engineers goes beyond merely providing you with an uninterruptible power supply. We guarantee the reliability of your critical electric infrastructure within a total all-inclusive technical concept:

  • Study of the vulnerability of your installations in case of power failures, voltage surges or dips, harmonic disturbances, etc.
  • Design and turnkey construction of dynamic UPS systems (DUPS), from 250 kVA up to more than 10 MVA, seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure (low voltage and medium voltage)


What is a dynamic UPS?


All-inclusive technical concept

Some references


What is a dynamic UPS?

Rotary diesel UPS systems, also referred to as dynamic UPS or no-break systems, provide uninterrupted, continuous and conditioned power supply. They protect your critical processes against power failures and actively filter out any impurities from the power supplied by the network (power surges or dips, harmonics, transients, brownouts, etc.)

Unlike static UPS systems with batteries, a dynamic UPS consists of (1) a diesel engine, (2) a freewheel, (3) inductive coupling and (4) a generator, where the entire unit is mounted on a frame.

Under normal conditions – i.e. when there is power from the network - the dynamic UPS acts as an active filter against impurities from the network. If the normal power supply fails or is disturbed, the dynamic UPS takes over the task of supplying power - with no interruption, without you noticing any difference, for varying periods of time, and for as long as there is enough fuel.




 Advantages of a dynamic UPS

Some applications are so critical that a conventional system for emergency power supply cannot offer adequate protection. Just think of data centres, operating theatres, intensive care units or certain production processes. The time that elapses between the failure of the network and the start-up of the emergency power unit can already lead to significant losses. In such cases, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is indispensable.

In addition to preventing power interruptions, dynamic UPS systems with a diesel engine offer certain undeniable advantages over static systems with batteries and an emergency power generator:


Very high reliability

  • Limited number of components and no batteries, so a lower risk of breakdowns
  • Simple and robust design with long lifespan (more than 25 years)
  • Large degree of autonomy
  • Continuous monitoring of critical applications
  • Less sensitive to large temperature fluctuations

High energy efficiency

  • Acts as filter for impurities from the network
  • No conversion of electric energy between the energy network and the critical load
  • Does not use power electronics, so there is no harmonic distortion
  • High power factor (cos phi)
  • High efficiency

Space efficiency

  • Requires up to 60% less surface area: no need for separate room for the emergency generator or battery
  • Long lifespan: at least 25 years, thanks to a simple and robust design
  • Easy installation and operation

High cost-efficiency

  • Low installation cost: fewer components, less space, simple cabling
  • Low operating costs: high efficiency and low maintenance requirement
  • Option of immediate financial returns with peak shaving


  • Filtering of exhaust gases
  • Does not use inconvenient and hazardous batteries, so there is no chemical waste


The more UPS power you require, the greater the benefits of a dynamic system in comparison with a static system.  Because more power in static systems means more batteries and more battery space, while the impact is much smaller with dynamic diesel UPS systems.


dynamic UPS


All-inclusive technical concept

Vanparijs Engineers oversees your UPS project from A to Z. Our service is not limited to the delivery and installation of your UPS system. We integrate the delivery of your UPS within an all-inclusive technical concept, where your specific needs are taken into account right from the start:

  • Study of the present situation, bottlenecks and your requirements
  • Study and proposal of a suitable bespoke solution and an optimum integration of this solution within your infrastructure:
    • Different manufacturers and wide range of power: 250 to 3000 kVA in a single unit
    • Various possible configurations: single units or parallel connection
    • Setup: in a building or in a container
    • Acoustics: sound-insulating cabinets reduce noise pollution, in compliance with European noise standards
    • Emission: in compliance with European emission standards
    • Remote monitoring:  the system can be controlled remotely
    • Peak shaving: using your UPS to flatten spikes in power consumption can lead to attractive cost savings
    • Mobile UPS (MUPS): available in a mobile container for temporary solutions (Read more ...)
    • Reliability/selectivity
  • Including all peripherals (transformers, exhaust, cabinets, dampers, etc.)
  • Making the system fully operational
  • Proposal for a flexible maintenance contract
  • Option of full operation or EAAS (Energy as a Service)



Selected references

More than 50,000 kVA of installed dynamic UPS power for national and international clients:

  • Brussels Airport Company
  • KPN Group Belgium
  • Ostend Airport
  • Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis
  • National Bank of Belgium
  • Groupe Richemont (CH): Manufacture Cartier, Manufacture Horlogère Valfleurier
  • Officine Panerai (CH)
  • Thomson Reuters (FR)
  • Chevron Phillips Chemicals
  • Sterigenics
  • KU Leuven
  • ...